Steve Craig and Brian Macchiarelli founded Cynopia Pictures in 2011. Navigate through the site to see their work in both advertising and film.


Stev Elam is a multi award winning visual/storytelling director whose cinematic style is marked by strong visuals, subtle humor and natural performances.
He has directed adverts for Snickers, Nike, Gateway, U.S. Gov t, pharmaceuticals, and more!


Prajjali used this ad as a presentation video to acquire investments to open their multi-chain yoga studio. Their mission is to give back to veterans with every purchase of a "Prajjali pass."
Cynopia produced over 40 hours worth of 3-camera instructional videos for Capri Cosmetology Learning Center. Capri has since taken first place at the Emiliani Student Competition three years in a row.
Delaware Valley Paving used this explainer video for business-to-business networking for major corporate chains.
This piano store and music school purchased a package deal for a website and and commercial from us.  The video ad, displayed on the homepage of the site to give a concise and vibrant explanation of their products and services.  The website climbed its way from page 6 on Google to page 1 within 2 weeks, with original coding and graphic design from our team.  Visit for more details!
For over three years, Cynopia has provided on-set and post production services for quality interviews.  Our services included camera work,  lighting, editing, and graphic design.  The videos are hosted by
Owned and operated by Tony Lusardi since 1982, Lusardi's Training Center used these videos as an educational series for young athletes.  These videos sparked interest in the gym and increased his clientele.
"Expedition Self" is a startup by "Q Group," to serve as an all-access website dedicated to providing self-development advice.
Two short films that blithely deptict demoralized characters whom struggle to create and maintain relationships amidst humanity's lowest point.  In Stephen Craig's "stagNation, amen." Rennie and his brother Benjie, both heavily under the influence of cogent misogynist Jerry Solon, begin to struggle when Rennie treats their female victim with peculiar hospitality.  Brian Macchiarelli's "Standards Having Dinner" is the story of three brothers named James during a very important day in their mother's life, her ex-boyfriend's (whom they were named after) birthday.  With the eldest James' marriage at rock bottom, the middle James' medical enigma that inadvertently proves his wife's infidelity, and the youngest James' first successful murder victim constantly harassing him, this most joyous of days is doomed to go horribly awry.  Both films are introduced by the directors in the distinctively cynical manner inferential of their work.
A short film financed through a KickStarter campaign.  A researcher discovers a secret that could end all life.  Today he shares his secret with the world.
Cynopia provided post production services for this short film, which premiered at NewFilmmakers LA, and the Portuguese International Film Festival.
There was a time in which independent filmmakers were best known for their detachment from the mainstream.  Their styles were honed over years by stark content and a tenacious sense of imagery.  Today, in a world where the Twilight Saga deems itself a product of independence, even the lowest common denominator of filmmakers are praised for their flashy likeness to Hollywood styles.
It is because of this enormity that we at Cynopia are pleased to present a young director who innately brings the true grit and grime back to cinema with his hyper-guerilla methods.  This director is Matt Kuchta and he has a delightful (and possibly unhealthy) fascination with SCUMBAGS.
The "Scumbags" series takes the worlds' most degenerate vermin and wraps them in a tangled plot that follows the hoarse and high spirited Dirty Filthy in his quest for drugs, sex, and pornography.  Along the way we meet characters that bring us deeper into the human trash that, in all likelihood, exists in all of our quaint little home towns.

"Working with Steve Craig and the Cynopia crew was a true pleasure. We are really pleased with the video they created for us. It was completed on time, as promised-even though we had a short deadline and Steve was driving across country in the process of editing. Amazing.

What I was most impressed with, though, was Steve's ability to improvise when things didn't go as planned, and his equal talent at keeping a cool, level head in a very stressful situation. I highly recommend Cynopia and will be using their services for future projects."

Terri Brown, Co-Founder

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